Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our clients very seriously. All the data we gather through "Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer" (henceforth Stop Tobacco) is regulated by this privacy policy.

By using Stop Tobacco, you accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. Continued use of Stop Tobacco indicates your acceptance of this policy and any modification thereof that we may make in the future. Any modification of the privacy policy will be published here immediately.

Integration with Apple HealthKit

With the aim of showing and analysing your heartbeat on the application, Stop Tobacco may read this information from the HealthKit database on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Furthermore, Stop Tobacco may write data in the Apple HealthKit database, with information on your heart rate during a Relaxation session or Crisis. Stop Tobacco cannot read or write HealthKit data unless you specifically grant permission for it to do so via the application.

The data read on the Apple HealthKit database will be used to carry out calculations related to heart rate, and will present this data on the application. This data will not be published or shared by the application under any circumstances. This data may be stored locally in the application's internal memory. The protection of the data stored on your iPhone and Apple Watch within the Stop Tobacco application is exclusively your responsibility. Please consult your device's documentation for how to manage local storage and how to apply the proper security controls for your device in order to protect said information.

Stop Tobacco is not under any circumstances responsible for the protection of data and information stored in the Apple HealthKit database. It is strongly recommended that you review the policies and procedures applicable to Apple prior to synchronising and backing up your Apple HealthKit data.

Ex-smoker ranking

When you use the application to notify us that you have quit smoking with our programme, your name, home country and the duration of your programme is sent to our servers to be stored in our database. Said information is used to show application and website users the ex-smoker ranking, as well as to calculate internal statistics.

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