What is Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer?

It's a new method of tobacco addiction treatment based on the AIRE programme developed by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

What exactly does it involve? Below we will describe the application's different stages.

Initial Evaluation

In the initial phase, the application carries out various tests to gather relevant information, like:

  • The level of physical addiction (Fagüerstrom Test)
  • Reasons for quitting
  • Consumption habits

This information is used as the foundation for the elaboration of a timeline tailored to the real needs of each smoker. For the physiological aspects of addiction, relevant guidelines are given so that, alongside consultation with a healthcare professional, the user has access to treatment that is appropriate for their profile.

The Timeline

Following an initial evaluation, the user can access the Treatment Programme, which, using the timeline, leads them through a process that involves carrying out various daily tasks:

  • Daily challenge
  • Reflections and myths
  • Guess the answer
  • Daily recap

These tasks are aimed at modifying ideas about consumption itself as well as changing the habits that sustain it, such as controlling anxiety as a crucial symptom of abstinence and craving.

Developing the Programme

The initial objective is to gradually reduce consumption in order to then be able to quit completely and prevent relapses. From day one, the user has to record every cigarette that they smoke, and they have to adjust to daily consumption goals.

Relaxation and Crisis

The application contains a complete guide to relaxation that will teach you simple techniques to relax and control anxiety. The Crisis section is for when you don't want to smoke but you have a strong craving, especially after D Day.

Accreditations/Collaborating Organisations

  • University of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias: Organisation responsible for all the content on the Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer programme.
  • Las Palmas University Foundation.
  • University of Las Palmas COP: This project has received the support of the Official College of Psychologists of Las Palmas, whose unconditional support we are grateful for, as well as the backing of the University Foundation of Canarias, which was possible thanks to the partial financing from FEDER funds for R+D+I TSI2005-07764-002-02 from the Ministry of Education and Science.

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