Reasons for quitting smoking

There is no method that works unless you are absolutely certain that you want to quit! The first step, then, is to be absolutely convinced that you don't want to continue smoking. And this is achieved by having a good motive – A REASON.

Not everyone gives up smoking for the same reason. Find yours.
For some people, for example, the health of their children is more important than their own health. Other people have given different reasons, like:

  • Finally putting an end to a damaging and expensive habit.
  • Saving the money that is spent on cigarettes, matches, lighters, doctors, etc.
  • Getting back their sense of taste and smell.
  • Not having bad breath.
  • Not having unappealing yellow stains on teeth and fingers.
  • Feeling healthier and breathing better.
  • Not feeling so tired when going up stairs or doing exercise.
  • Not feeling guilty for feeling that you're shortening your life.
  • Not suffering coughs or hoarseness in the morning.
  • Catching fewer colds.
  • Avoiding the dangers of cancer, emphysema and cardiovascular illnesses that all smokers may suffer from.

Think about it – what are your reasons? Make a list. Put them in order of importance. Once you know your reasons, repeat them again and again every day, at every opportunity – when you get up in the morning, during a break at work, before going to bed – and think deeply about its importance.

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